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The Guild of Modders – Gear 4 DNA60 Squonk Mod

Our friends in the Philippines always make tasty stuff. They really focus on flavourchasing and that makes us always happy to checkout their latest creations. With Pod systems and Squonkers owning the market still we thought it fitting to show you a really nice high end option that you can most likely get your hands on without too much trouble or an insane amount of cash. The great news as well, it’s regulated with an Evolve DNA60 chipset. Let’s check out the GOM Gear 4 Squonker…


Juul Compatible Pods – EonSmoke

The vape world sure is changing. Sure it has always been a fast paced innovative market, but the move to pods systems seems like it might be here to stay. It might just be the answer to getting the masses over to our side (vaping). We have noticed more and more new vapers hitting the local BMs all lined up to grab a pod system of the day. The Juul is still in the market but there are many competitors that have them beat in our opinion and we will be covering them soon. But in the meantime, with the Juul market share so strong, there are companies popping up making Juul compatible pods with larger juice capacities, more flavour options, and at a better price point. Let’s take a look at what EonSmoke has to offer.

We have also created a new scoring method for pods and pod systems as they seem to be something we will be covering a hell of a lot.


The OBS Engine II RTA

First off we would like to thank BuyBest for sending us this atty for review and secondly we would like to apologize for the lack of reviews as of late. We just moved back to Canada after living in Nicaragua for the last two years and it took some time to get settled. But now we are fired up and ready to get back at it! We have a ton of new stuff in the cue and will be adding our thoughts as frequently as we can.

So let’s talk OBS and their second version of the Engine, the aptly named Engine II.