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Mild – Hope

Advertised Flavour Profile:
Smooth and round, this blond tobacco is the perfect all day vape.

Hope™ was created to reflect a better and cleaner future for e-liquid. Using only the best ingredients available on the market, the Hope™ collection has been crafted with no additives or sweeteners and uses only Flavour Art extracts; with aims of being the cleanest e-liquid ever made. For those who are unaware, Flavour Art has been a leader in the industry, developing and testing their products specifically for vaping.

Additionally, we only use the Salt Nix nicotine formulation. This patented, benzoic acid free salt nicotine formula was developed by Vaporus Labs.


FreeMax – FireLuke Mesh SubTank

We don’t review SubTanks all to often for a couple reasons, usually the flavour isn’t nearly as good as rebuildable attys and the cost and longevity of the disposable coils turns us off. But now and again there is a SubTank that is just too good to ignore. The FreeMax FireLuke Mesh is one for sure…


Green Bay – PJ Bros

Advertised Flavour Profile:
Sweet Lemon Cheesecake – This slice of creamy dessert is about to show you why it became an award-winning masterpiece. PJ Bros is bringing us an e liquid that they are proud of, and clearly put it a lot of work into, in order for it to receive so much recognition. Green Bay is a sweet Lemon Cheesecake flavor that will make you forget what a dessert menu is. When you first take your pull, you get the creamy cheesecake slowly going down your throat. It is going down smoothly and it might convince you that you love every second of it. When you keep pulling, so that you can get more flavor, you get the lemon kick that will probably blow your taste buds away. It is not that the lemon flavor sneaks up on you, but it comes in packed with a ton of flavor that you were not ready for. The lemons taste rich and fresh as if they were quickly picked off the trees to add to this delicious e liquid. Delaying the adding of lemons will only release the freshness these citrusy fruits have. Do not worry because PJ Bros were way ahead of you. Green Bay begins to explode your mouth with so many flavors, and it can potentially make your mouth water. It may allow you to imagine yourself physically at a restaurant consuming a rich slice of lemon cheesecake. Once you are done eating, you start to exhale and this sweet blend smoothly leaves your mouth. The clouds are getting big, but they are fun to look at. Even though Green Bay may be a filling slice of cheesecake, you may feel as if you have room for another slice, and by a slice, we mean puff. With each chubby gorilla bottle being filled with 60ml of e juice, Green Bay will have you covered every time you need to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours.