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The Search for the Dopest Flavour in Vaping

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Canelé – Odis Collection & Design

Advertised Flavour Profile:
Canelé, a classic and delicate French pastry that delivers satisfaction for all lovers of rich and sweet desserts. Experience the perfect blend of rum and vanilla with a delicious custard center captured within a thick caramelized crust. Together, these nuances create a balance between sweet and savoury flavours making it difficult to put down, and wanting more.

Working with professional pastry chefs within the industry, we are now proud to introduce our take on one of the Odis staff’s favourite treats! You can now enjoy this two-bite dessert whether it is for an all-day vape, or to take a moment to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Indulge your taste buds with Canelé!


Cush Man – Nasty Juice

Advertised Flavour Profile:
You’ll never find this one of the best fruity-taste of this mango flavoured e-juice. The authentic taste with a pleasant aroma will boost your appetite. This is one of the must try flavour recommended by our regular and reliable customer. Don’t miss it!


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