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Grandma’s Dutch Apple Pie – VaporFi & Cosmic Fog

Advertised Flavour Profile:
Cosmic Fog and Vaporfi have come together once more to bring vapers a delicious and memory inducing vape juice. Experience the sugary sweet aroma of your grandma’s house, when a finger licking apple pie sat in the stove baking to perfection. No need to wait for the pie to cool; this dessert is ready for you to vape at a moment’s notice. A brilliant apple front note appears immediately filling the vaper’s tongue with subtle notes of pie crust and tart apple notes. While the vape juice matures to perfection, a burst of flaky crust travels meticulously to the back note leaving a scrumptious after taste. Get your 30ML bottle of Vaporfi Grandma’s Apple Pie crafted by Cosmic Fog today!


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