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Créme – Hope

Advertised Flavour Profile:
This blend of the finest creams and vanilla will give you a comforting vape experience.

Hope™ was created to reflect a better and cleaner future for e-liquid. Using only the best ingredients available on the market, the Hope™ collection has been crafted with no additives or sweeteners and uses only Flavour Art extracts; with aims of being the cleanest e-liquid ever made. For those who are unaware, Flavour Art has been a leader in the industry, developing and testing their products specifically for vaping.

Additionally, we only use the Salt Nix nicotine formulation. This patented, benzoic acid free salt nicotine formula was developed by Vaporus Labs.


Trail Blazer – Freeman

Advertised Flavour Profile:
Freeman Trail Blazer is the best tobacco vape juice flavor on either side of the Rockies. First, you start with the most authentic tobacco e-liquid flavor. Most tobacco flavors generally taste like some combination of feet and something burnt. Yah, not good. On the other hand, Freeman’s tobacco flavor is inspired by freshly dried tobacco leaves. Nothing burnt. Just fresh, earthy tobacco. That’s where we started but not where we ended up. To craft the best tobacco vape juice flavor, we knew it would require some conventions to be ignored. We added peanut butter and butterscotch flavor to compliment the earthy tobacco flavor tones. Trailblazer is for tobacco lovers looking to forge a new path. Very authentic, earthy complimented by a nutty density, and perfectly accented with a touch of butterscotch. Harmonious.


The Jili Mini Charger

We don’t often take the time to review an accessory and we haven’t reviewed the Juul but the Jili Mini Charger is so good it can’t be ignored. We all know how great the Juul is and that is why we haven’t reviewed it. The latest version has also improved the connection ports and added the crazy party mode (lights change colour when you shake or move your arm around). But one thing that has and is still an issue with the Juul is battery life. Well Jili has a solution and it’s damn good!