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Stentorian RAM BF Squonk Mod

With Squonking still fully raging in popularity it’s great to see many more affordable options coming to market. For a long time now tiny little box mech squonkers in either Delrin or 3D print have been hard to get or let’s be honest, ridiculously priced ($200+ in most cases). Stentorian (an arm of Wotofo) has hit pay dirt with their little RAM BF mod. Thanks to BuyBest for sending us samples for review.


Joosylicious – VaporFi

Advertised Flavour Profile:
Savor the sweet flavor of a fruity bubble gum treat with Joosylicious by VaporFi. Immerse yourself in the nostalgic wonder of a deliciously juicy bubble gum that will make its way into your e-liquid rotation in no time. Skip the lines at the convenience store and fill your tank with a chewy eruption of strawberries, watermelon and kiwi. A surge of freshly picked strawberries emerges on the front note with sugary sweet finesse. As this amazing vape juice finishes, your tongue will be treated to a ripe watermelon and tangy kiwi exhale with enduring taste. No need to worry that this gum will lose flavor. Put this in your tank and do your taste buds a favor!