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The Ohman Drip Stick

Bret Ohman Fels is a master when it comes to making mods and accessories out of Titanium. If you don’t know this is one hard metal to machine. But it’s much tougher than steel and looks a hell of a lot better too. Ohman Stuff (Bret’s Company) is probably best know for his killer drip tips (you need to own some if you don’t) and his accessories for the Billet Box. But long ago he made a little all-in-one mechanical mod with a hybrid RDA. He called it the Drip Stick and it has been reborn right in time for the Nic Salt craze.


KMD Custom Vapes – Impact RDA

We are constantly on the look out for unique and new design thinking when it comes to attys. And these days it’s getting harder and harder to find it. We all know that dual airflow on a single coil is the magic formula for great flavour in an RDA but almost everything on the market is beginning to look the same. But then we found this gem, the Impact RDA by KMD. This is a stealthy little number, think of it as a wolf in a really pretty sheep’s clothing…