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Flavourchasers began in May of 2015 and has experienced incredible growth over the 9 months. We are stoked to be able to provide our sponsors with access to a very highly targeted and growing audience of vape addicts!

Quick Stats:

  • 51% monthly Growth Rate of readers
  • 2:18 is our average Time Spent on site
  • 112,196 Monthly Pageviews
  • 28,498 Monthly Unique Visits
  • 44,754 Monthly Sessions
  • 47% of our audience Return Daily
  • 67.6% Bounce Rate
  • 53% New Sessons
  • SEO on steroids, many of our reviews hit the Top 10 results on Google
  • Majority of Audience is from USA, Indonesia, UK, Canada, Malaysia, Philippines, Germany, Italy, Greece, and Thailand

We are happy to send over a copy of our sell sheet.



Banner Advertising

Ads are filled on a first come, first serve basis. All ads will be invoiced via PayPal and must be paid for prior to the placement of the ad.

We currently offer:

  • Banner Ad (300×250) – $3/1000 Impressions (USD), rates negotiable for long term placements

We will design your banner for you if needed for an additional $100 USD. (One free banner design is included with each 4-month placement!)




Another way to promote is through a giveaway or contest!

This is a great way to introduce readers to amazing products and services and give them a little something to show our love and appreciation for stopping by. We really enjoy promoting products that are related to the topics of the blog, whether it’s e-juice or equipment.

Giveaways will run from Tuesday evening through the following Tuesday morning to allow ample time for all visitors to enter. A banner will be highlighted on the sidebar of the blog for the duration of the giveaway period.

They can be run on Facebook, Instagram, Let us know what growth and results you are looking for and we will tailor the contest dynamics to accomplish your goals.

The cost of hosting a giveaway on is $250.00. The sponsor is responsible for supplying and shipping the prize.

This includes:

  • Time to write, create and edit the Contest Post
  • Design of the side bar banner and two instagram posts (one to announce the promo, and a reminder the day before the end of the contest).
  • Prime placement on the blog – which includes detailed product and business information and links directly to your site or shop.
  • The giveaway post is evergreen content, meaning it will remain visible for the lifetime of the blog.

We are happy to talk about something new and unique too…



Send us your Juice and/or Vape Products(Attys, Mods, Accessories, etc…)! does not accept payment for sponsored posts, however we would gladly receive any juice or products you’re interested in having us review.

We reserve the right to only review the products we feel would be of interest to our readers. If your product is chosen for a review, we will gladly provide a shout out in the review post as well as a link to your company or shop.

If you’re interested in having us review your juice or products, please hit us up.



Let’s find a way to work together!

We’re always open to new ideas that will benefit our readers and be of interest or provide value to the vape community. If you have an idea, we’d love to hear it.



Please note: takes the integrity of our content very seriously! We do not accept link exchanges, text links or written posts from businesses.